One World

SEVEN BILLION stories. ONE world.

Starlight Legacies is a succession of intertwined books which each offer vivid glimpses into the stories, perspectives, thoughts, ideas, and worldviews of a diverse myriad of people around the world. Focused especially on gathering the perspectives which individuals have on various concepts, issues, opinions, and happenings, the series at its heart sets out to demonstrate and celebrate the simultaneous diversity and solidarity intrinsic to the human condition.

Oriented towards readers who are genuinely intrigued by what individuals really think, feel, and perceive beyond the surface and the conceptual superficialities which permeate society, Starlight Legacies strives most prominently to demonstrate the remarkability of ideological and existential human diversity in all of its complexity.

The write-ups in form are a synergistic interplay between the statements and quotes of subject individuals and the thoughts of the author pertaining the expressions; a structure which holistically presents the best of context and commentary.

Series Releases


Digital Edition (.pdf) – $3.00 USD
(41 pages)

One is the first installment of Starlight Legacies and features the stories, thoughts, perspectives, ideas, and worldviews of ten individuals from the author’s inner circle in context of the theme of personal truth.


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